Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bodybuilding Improves Mental Health

Is there really a connection between bodybuilding and mental health? The answer is yes. Before we get into the details and analyze the facts and the proofs that indicate this connection, we have to see the general connection between sports and mental stability.

More than two thousand years ago the ancient Greeks acknowledged the importance of sports and healthy way of living. They had adopted the mentality that in order to maintain a healthy mind you need to have a healthy body.

This connection between body well-being and mind health went on until the recent years where money and profit invaded the sports community leading to a series of negative things like steroids, drugs, over-training, etc. However, for those who still like to train just for their own health things are much simpler.

Bodybuilding and especially amateur bodybuilding, where the demand for high performance is less, can give you a fit and healthy body, but it can also work as a getaway from your daily stress and routine pressure and help you improve your mental health. Let us see how:

Energy Consumption in a Positive Way

Our modern way of life makes it extremely hard to spend our excessive energy. The great majority of the people works at the office or does a job that gives them few opportunities to actually consume the energy that every individual keeps inside him. Bodybuilding is a very creative way to spend this energy and in the same time improves your looks and of course your health. Scientific studies have shown that people who work out are mentally balanced and clear-minded.

Bodybuilding Is Not Just Weights

Many people wrongly believe that people who are in bodybuilding end up looking like the muscle-monsters on the cover of the magazines. Well, bodybuilding is a lot more than that. It combines weight training, cardiovascular training, fitness, and proper nutrition. So, by following all this you improve your muscular percentage, get rid of fat, increase your physique level and as a result you benefit your mental health.

Setting Goals and Having Perspective

Once you start working out in a regular basis you will be the witness of your own metamorphosis. You will be excited by seeing how you add muscles, you start shaping up and how you generally look and feel better. You will be happy every time you reach a goal you have set. This new perspective in your daily life is going to be extremely beneficial for your mental health.